How to Develop a Powerful Imagination
It can be Your Key to Success!

The Fascinating World of "Human Imagination"
Every idea mankind ever had, began in its imagination.

Human Imagination (a mixture of the "creative" and "learning" imaginations) has allowed humans, in a relatively short period of time, (around 100+ thousand years), to create thousands of cultures as well as millions of useful inventions and concepts, to discover and explore nature's secret worlds from the unbelievingly small microbe world to the astronomical world of black holes and galaxies. It has given mankind the power to discover many of nature’s laws that guide everything in the universe. It has enabled mankind to travel to the moon, send robotic probes out to the edge of the solar system.

It makes it possible for people, to associate marks on a paper (writing) with objects and concepts, to communicate complex ideas with other people across vast distances, to create and listen to beautiful music. Above all, human beings are storytellers! Creative imagination has allowed the modern humans to create words, languages and stories that explain everything humans encounter - whether or not the stories and concepts are correct. Human Imagination is our only contact with the supernatural, there could be no heaven or hell, devils or gods without this powerful trait.

Human Imagination is the undisputed power behind all human endeavor. It created the “Mind” of mankind, the vast network of human minds of the past and present that are able to communicate across time and distance. Imagination made the amazing human adventure possible.

You too can develop a powerful creative imagination. Look around at the successful entrepreneurs, writers, artists, inventors, who have started new businesses, wrote novels, songs, movies, invented new machines and other products. No matter what type of career you follow having a powerful creative imagination at your disposal will help you innovate and solve problems that you may encounter along the way.

Here are 10 Ways to improve your Creative imagination.
(The creative part of Human Imagination.)

  • If you want to develop your creative imagination you must open your mind to new unexplored paths, think of offbeat ways to tackle a problem, make something that is hard - easier.

  • Be curious about everything - the world is full of amazing wonders for you to learn about. They will become your storehouse of memories and ideas that you can use when needed.

  • Look deep into the problem you face and imagine different alternatives for solving the problem. Try new paths - don’t accept the status-quo, if you fail at one task try another approach. Take everything with a grain of salt, keep an open mind.

  • Try to associate with other creative people, people who discuss ideas.

  • Always be on the lookout for new innovations that you can improve upon. When a new product, device or machine is invented it is already ripe for improving. Technology is always being improved. Just look at the automobile, since it was invented over a hundred years ago it has been constantly improved with thousands of new innovations added.

  • This goes for any product, there is always room for improvement. Even if you come up with what seems to be a crazy way of solving a problem - write it down anyway - think about it - it may turn out to be a good idea.

  • Start thinking about writing a story, think of a plot, think up characters for the story, take notes and expand the story over a period of time. Refine and change the story if you want to. Take your time, new ideas will pop out of your subconscious as you think about it. It is your creation you can do anything you want with it, use you imagination.

  • Whether you are writing music or leading an army into battle keep your mind open for opportunities - new angles - different strategies - if one thing doesn’t work try another.

  • Develop your interests and natural talents - follow these talents - be curious, learn as much as you can about subjects you are interested in and then improvise, develop, expand them. Follow different off beat paths. If they don’t work try another tack.

  • Build upon the ideas of other people - improve and refine their ideas. It is the fundamental reason for human progress. It created the ‘Mind’ of mankind (the vast network of human minds that continually spread ideas across time and place).

    Isaac Newton once said - “If I have been able to see further then others - it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants”. Human progress is a step by step process.

    Good luck - use your imaginative power wisely.

    Donald L. Hamilton is author of the book; "The MIND of Mankind: Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's tremendous power".

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    Reviews & Comments

  •  I received your book in the mail and I am on page 96 this morning. I can't put it down!!! I have read litterly 100's of books in the past 15 years and I have to say that your book (so far) is answering every question that I ever had about life! Your book makes more sense to me than any other I have read.  Sincerely, Donna

  •  "The Mind of Mankind" explores the unique ability of the mind to form a mental image - to imagine.  Mr Hamilton discusses current theories as well as mysteries and introduces new ones from his fertile imagination for us to ponder, consider, accept or reject.
    Richard Fuller,   Senior Editor - Metaphysical Reviews

  •  "I'm a geophysicist. I work in geodynamics and climate. My field of work is earth rotation and gravity in relation with climate. I read some ideas of your book, and they are quite good. Regards - Rodrigo, France

  •   Ted Holmes says, "I just want to pass along my compliments on the depth of thought you have put into your work. I especially enjoyed the portion illustrating how a body does not move except in relation to other bodies, not in relation to space.  It is the first time I have heard about this concept."

  •   From a satisfied reader -" Hello Mr Hamilton, Just finished your book ... great job! Do you have any other similar books available?? I was looking for information on creation/evolution when I came across your book. This book should  be included in the educational systems of the world ... all ethnic groups could benefit greatly from this writing." - Matt

    "Human Imagination is mankind's ability to visualize within their mind. To be creative!
    The power to become aware of the wonders of the nature!
    An eagle may have much keener eyes then ours but it cannot 'see' the things that we can!"

    Donald L Hamilton