The Mind Of Mankind  
Human Imagination - The source of Mankind’s tremendous power.

by Donald Louis Hamilton


Preface - 7

1. The Creation of Mankind - 13  
The time for the “Transformation” of mankind into an imaginative being had come. It was time to "part the curtain” and reveal the wonders of the of Human Imagination to these beings. In doing so he would create the "MIND" of Mankind.

2. The Human System - 33  
By Mankind or Man I mean the complete human system, male, female,and offspring, one without the other is incomplete and cannot exist. Together, they are a complete viable system.

3. Development of Words, Language and Storytelling 41  
Some imaginative people in the tribe began using words to tell stories of events that happened to them, perhaps on a hunt or some other incident. These people have evolved into our storytellers, mankind’s most influential people.

4. Mankind's Progress - 55
God gave us the gift of an imagination to use as we see fit for better or for worse! By giving us this great power he has challenged us to control our own destiny.

5. Mankind's Devil - 63
The Devil exists only in the "Mind of Mankind”, it exists nowhere else on Earth. Our Devil has no power whatsoever to break any of the natural laws of the Universe nor offend God in any way. The devil is the dark side of human imagination.

6. Domination Plus Imagination - 67
Coupled with the power of imagination, the "domination instinct" increased immensely. The hierarchy that had existed for the humanoids took on new imaginative meaning after the transformation. The Power Structure of America.

7. The Development of Religious Philosophies - 89
Being human we were all given the special power to imagine the existence of our Creator in our own way. We can only "sin” against ourselves, our environment and the other living things with which we share this planet. We do not have the power to offend God.

8. Human Imagination - 97
Mankind has two types of imagination; The Learning Imagination is our primary imagination. With this imagination we learn from the accomplishments of others. The Creative Imagination comes up with the new ideas. It is the keystone to mankind's progress.

9. Imagination out of Control - 115
Sometimes an imagination can take control of a person's personality. This can be a serious affliction if it triggers anxiety attacks or dominates the person so that they are forced to change their lifestyle.

10. Mankind's Visionaries - 119
The Mind of Mankind is a restless diverse reality, its imagination is continually challenging and probing every possible frontier. Its innovators are sprinkled throughout history in time and place, each one building upon the innovations of their predecessors. The tools and machines of mankind.

11. Looking into the Future - 129
What challenges will mankind be facing a hundred years from now? Peering into the future, via our imagination, can give us some hint of how things will be.

12. The Birth of the Earth - 143
The planets, etc. of our Solar System do not really revolve around the sun. These solar bodies actually oscillate back and forth across the path of the sun as it speeds along its galactic path. They are always falling directly toward the speeding sun but due to its galactic motion never collide.

13. The Earth's Slowing Rotation - 151
Due to its slowing rotation the Earth is gradually changing its shape from that of an oblate spheroid with a bulging equator to that of a more rounded sphere. This change causes tremendous dynamic movements in the Earth's crust.

14. The Finite Universe - 157
When God created the Universe the first thing he did was to create its laws. These natural laws in turn created Universal Space and determined the size of the Universe. Where the laws end the Universe ends.

15. Inertia, A Requirement of Space - 161
The Law of Inertia creates Gravity and determines the amount of Gravitational power a body will possess. Gravity is dependent upon Inertia for its existence but is not equivalent to it.

16. The Michelson-Morley Experiment - 165
Space itself is a single entity from one end of the Universe to the other. Matter can move about the Universe relative to other matter but it cannot move relative to space itself.

17. The Falling Galaxies - 171
The Super Attractive Force is the primary source of all energy in the Universe. Located at the boundary of the Universe it causes all bodies of matter to fall toward it.

18. Weight, Its Relation with Inertia and Gravity - 177
Secondary Force creates the unique effect of weight by exerting its force on a body in succession. Gravity, a Primary Force, exerts its energy on all the atoms of a body simultaneously. That is the big difference! Only when a Secondary Force is exerted is the effect of weight created.

19. In Conclusion - 195
Our creator has given each one of us a very special gift, an Imagination. It is up to us to make use of and enjoy this gift to the fullest extent possible. Through our imagination we have become aware of the existence of our Creator and the magic he has created. The Mind of Mankind is just a tiny part of a Universal Imaginative Mind that pervades the entire Universe.

Glossary - 205

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