Research & Development

With our patented NITRICIL™ technology, Novan has found a way to harness nitric oxide as an engineered macromolecule, which allows for stable, targeted delivery of the treatment where you need to use it, in the exact amount you need, for the amount of time you need to use it. We currently have five NITRICIL™ product candidates, three of which are either in Phase 3 clinical trials or are ready for Phase 3.

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Our Network

Novan’s forward-thinking approach to pairing with global partners is the key to our ability to leverage the power of nitric oxide. We have clinical, strategic, and formulation partners on four continents, and working relationships with over two dozen scientific companies, laboratories, and production facilities globally. We’re taking our expertise to other experts around the world, and leveraging their knowledge and technological capabilities to fully realize the power of nitric oxide. We are working around the globe to extend and execute the science of nitric oxide for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property spans the globe. Novan holds over 25 issued U.S. patents and over 35 issued non-U.S. patents in countries such as Japan, the EU 5, China, South Korea and more. These patents cover NITRICIL™ technology, as well as its formulation science and therapeutic uses. Our global reach is only growing: we have over 60 pending patent applications worldwide.