Novan’s innovative NITRICIL™ technology is the key to using nitric oxide as a medical treatment. NITRICIL™ stores the gaseous species on large polymers, which allow nitric oxide to be applied as timed-release chemical entities. This technology allows us to control the level of nitric oxide storage, the rate of release, and the molecule size for targeted delivery. The result is stabilized, druggable nitric oxide.

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Where you need it

Engineering the molecule’s geometry and weight allows Novan to focus delivery on specific tissues and limit off-target effects.

In the amount you need

Controlling the concentration of nitric oxide dictates its ability to do everything from killing bacteria to promoting vasodilation and decreasing blood pressure.

When you need it most.

The ability to manipulate the rate of release can “turn on” or “turn off” physiological events with a single agent. We believe this is perhaps the most important attribute in unlocking nitric oxide’s therapeutic potential.